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Greetings from the Chairman

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Political council that gives people the confidence and impression!

Chairman Gong SU-HEUN

My dear Sunchang-gun people!! And my dear Netizens!! Welcome to the Homepage of Sunchang-gun Council. The 6th Sunchang-gun council which freshly started in July 2010 will try to do its best to give the hope to people through the realization of lifestyle politics and to make Sunchang-gun the best place where all the people can live their happy lives.

In addition, we will lead the advancement of local government by listening even to the little voices of local residents always with our humble attitude without losing our original intentions. Our Sunchnag-gun council homepage is a space taken care of both by the netizens and the council where the contents of the council activities by our council members are posted as they are.

All of our Sunchang-gun council members promise to work very hard to efficiently monitor the administration, and in this regard, much interest and participation of Sunchang-gun people as well as the netizens are solicited as the partners of local development so that our council can become a political council that gives people the confidence and impression.

Thank you! Chairman Su-Hyeon Gong.